FLEM Ammunition PK 5

Stock Code: QA026

The FLEM® is a patented less-lethal ammunition for smooth barrelled 12 gauge shotguns

Its unique design delivers more accurate, safer and effective immobilisation of target than other less-lethal 12 gauge projectiles on the market


  • Within two metres of being fired, the FLEM rotates 90° to present a flat and wide contact surface which is stabilised via its flight fin. This large and flat impact surface prevents eye penetrating injuries.
  • To minimise injury only the FLEM projectile (without its casing) hits the target
  • The FLEM’s shape limits rebounding and thus any unintended collateral damage
  • Extremely accurate within a 30x30cm rectangle 20m away
  • Specifications

    Caliber: 12 gauge
    Material Elastomer composite
    Dimensions Diameter: 18mm Length: 52mm
    Weight: 14g
    Cartridge casing: Plastic: 0.8g
    Maximum speed: 160m/s
    Shooting range: 20m
    Accuracy: Within 30 x 30cm rectangle 20m away
    Colours: High visibility green or yellow

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