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The camp cot bed is designed for use on deployment operations, training, and other military uses in field conditions

The Large Camp-Cot Bed is extra strong specially designed for larger people, it is a lightweight and space efficient bed and is in current supply to the Dutch MoD


  • Robust and resistant to tears, puncture and stretching, and minor repairs are possible in field
  • Compatible with a roll mat
  • Deployable in under 5 minutes
  • Stable on moderately uneven ground
  • Manufactured of proofed fabric
  • One person carry
  • Flame retardant
  • Typically 5 year service life
  • Comfortable for 8+ hours
  • Strong and stable
  • Non liquid-absorbent
  • Constructed from anti-corrosion treated, lightweight alloy.
  • Designed to be stackable, when packed
  • Packed in a carry-bag with zipped closure

• Fabric: 100% polyester, treated against melting in hot weather, tested for fire safety.
• Frame: Aluminium, treated against corrosion (32x32mm). • Frame thickness: 1.4mm • Hinge thickness: 2.5mm • Hinges: treated against corrosion. • Maximum weight: 125kg • Measurements: 2086845cm • Measurements folded: 104.5x22x14cm • Comes in a bag with zipper and handles: 600D polyester • Weight: ±8.5kg • User life: 15 years • Temperature: climate zone A1 to C0 • Resistant to discoloration and humid/wet weather circumstances • Three crossed legs

o Maintenance: Instructions on how to clean and store the bed come on a label sewn into the carrier bag.


Manufactured to: ISO 9001/2008

Tested to conform to:
EN 581-1: 2006
EN 581-2: 2009

*Other colours and size can be made available but will be subject to minimum quantity orders, for more information please contact a member of our sales team

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