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Cell: 18650 Li-ion Batteries Capacity: 518Wh (10.8V, 48Ah) (144000mAh) recahrgeable battery DC Input: 14.4V-26V, up to 10A (160W max) AC Output: 220V Version: 220V~2.27A 50Hz, Pure Sine Wave, 500W, 1000W surge 110V Version: 110V~4.54A 60Hz, Pure Sine Wave, 500W, 1000W surge Cig Lighter Output: 12V?10A (120W max) USB Output: 5V?2.4A (12W max each port) USB-C Output: 5V?3A / 9V?3A / 12V?3A / 15V?3A / 20V?3A (60W max) Operating Temperature: -10~40°C (14~104°F)

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