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ULCAT Tunnel

Stock Code: NET047


Provides: VIS-SWIR-MWIR-LWIR Protection

For rapid vehicle concealment and deployment The vehicle tunnel is made from specialised 3D material which is lightweight and snag free. It conceals in the Visual, Infrared and Thermal spectrums.

• Natural 3D pattern blends with nature • Non-absorbent. Non-snag and breathable material • Quiet, Lightweight and Fire Resistant • Excellent visibility from inside-to-out • Material Operational Temperature range -45°C to +70°C • Fast-opening front/back doors for rapid vehicle insertion/evacuation • Two quick opening lateral doors for personnel entry. • Can also be used as a camouflage screen without poles, spreaders etc.

ULCAT - AMPLE SPACE FOR VEHICLE, SUPPLIES & COMMAND CENTRE ULCAT concealing Vehicle and personnel when viewed through Fusion IR scope.

• Operational temperature range: -45°C to +70°C. (EN 60068-2-2/EN 60068-2-1) • Fire resistance (ISO 6941) • Wash Fastness: ≤ 4/5 ISO 105 C01 • Water Fastness: ≤ 4/5 ISO 105 E01 • Rubbing Fastness: ≤ 3 ISO 105-X 12 • Air Permeability (EN ISO 9237) • Resistance to: Oil, Tearing (DIN EN ISO 13937-2) and Breaking (DIN EN ISO 13934-1)

Reflectance Spectrophotometer: 800-1200nm • Light Green: 13%- 16% • Dark Green: 11% -14% • Brown: 8%- 11% • Black: 5%- 8%

Set up time : 20-30 minutes (2-4 people) ULCAT Dimensions (deployed) 13.4 metres (Length) inc. door canopies x 4m (Width) x 3.5m (Height) Weight of camo Netting: Approx. 32 kilos Complete system weight (inc. spreader poles, pegs, stakes etc): Approx. 140kg

NET047 - NSN: 1080-99-157-3918

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