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Water Purification Tablets

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Aquatabs® is a tablet which is added to drinking water to kill most harmful micro-organisms. The tablet dissolves clear within minutes and disinfects the water within 30 minutes.

Aquatabs® tablets are available in tablet size 8.5mg, use depending on the volume and nature of water to be treated, the above sized tablets are suitable for volumes of water ranging from 1 litre to 2,000 litres. The tablets are presented in strips of 10 tablets with a shelf life of 5 years or tub packed with a shelf life of 3 years.

Aquatabs will lead to a 99.9999% reduction in bacteria, a 99.99% reduction in viruses and a 99.9% reduction in Cysts (Giardia) within 30 minutes, when used in non-turbid water

Directions for use and dosage
Each tablet is dissolved in a specified volume of water according to the dosage chart

Aquatabs® should be used with clear water. If the water to be treated is murky / turbid, then it should be firstly filtered through a cloth until clear. If the water to be treated is being consumed from a known source (such as with a household water supply), then the low risk dosing can be used. In all other situations, then the high risk dosing should be used.
Ensure that the tablet is dispersed (by briefly shaking the vessel or mixing). Wait 30 minutes for the disinfection to work and then the water is safe to drink. Do not swallow the tablet.

Available as:
SINGLE: Pack of 50
TWIN: 2 x Pack of 50
TRADE: 20 x Pack of 50

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Excellent! Arrived in time stated. Intact, undamaged.

Thank you, seller. am pleased with this product.

easy to use

just pop them in the water tank and wait 30 mins safe drinking water brilliant

Excellent product.

Excellent product. will order again

Does what it says on the packet!

Bought these to purify water to go in my electronic diffuser, works perfectly

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