Security Buccaneer


The instability of failed or failing states is increasingly spilling out into the maritime environment. Threats of terrorism, criminal acts and piracy are impacting upon marine business to a greater extent than ever before. Recognising that the world military naval forces cannot be everywhere at once BCB International has developed a non lethal counter measure to acts of piracy.
The Buccaneer has been designed as a light weight air pressurised launcher to deter and defeat small fast sea craft at long range.
Capable of reaching ranges of up to 850 meters the Buccaneer’s specialised projectiles layer entangling netted lines across the surface of the water disabling outboard engines as they wrap around the prop.
The Buccaneer can be used from shore locations such as harbour installations, on offshore Platforms or from on board ships.
The Buccaneer is extremely flexible;
Mounted on a slew ring it can be manually directed to face any area of threat through 360 degrees.
Alternatively it can be locked in place and operated remotely from up to 300 meters away – for example from the bridge or other safe area.
Alternative projectiles such as high visibility smoke and splash projectiles can be used for maximum deterrence.
Recovery lines, individual lifeboats, lifejackets and buoyancy aids can also be launched from the Buccaneer.

  • Gimbal & Slew ring – 360 degree arc
  • High Vis smoke & splash projectiles
  • Entangling Line projectiles
  • Magazine system, for multiple successive use – quick to reload

View video of the Buccaneer

Code: BUC001